About Us

Welcome to The Atlas Group, manufacturing quality carpet since 1976.

What would become the Atlas Group was established in September, 1976 by Jim and Hubert Davis as J&H Commission Tufters, J&H continues to supply quality commission tufting for some of the major producers in the carpet industry today.

Located in a 300,000 square foot facility on nine prime acres at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Chatsworth Georgia, Atlas was originally the marketing arm for running line and limited specials. The Atlas Group is now the corporate umbrella for J&H and Creative Carpet.

Creative Contract Carpet was formed in 1988 by Jim Davis.

Creative Contract Carpet was changed to Creative Carpet when berbers were added to the commercial product offerings in 1994.

Manufacturing equipment includes 21 in-line and running tufting machines offering various gauges and construction options, eight warpers and eight air entangling units.

One of the most important factors in determining any carpets performance features is fiber content. All manufacturers, large and small, either purchase or extrude fibers produced on the same types of equipment and processed in basically the same manner. There will be new innovations with faster production offering more flexibility in design. Creative will continue to utilize any new and improved methods of production and offer quality tufted products.

Construction is the most important factor in generating wear performance and appearance retention of carpets. At Creative Carpet, we air entangle and engineer the fiber to meet high performance standards. Our residential styles are designed and constructed to offer maximum performance.

Creative Carpet produces quality carpet manufactured to meet the demands of today’s consumers. We won’t do otherwise.